Our Vision

Double Donations Around the World.

Our Mission

Turn Every Purchase into a Donation and Reward Every Donation 100% in Discounts For Purchases.

How do we do it

We give voice to Charities and their projects
We involve brands and their online store that have a liable ethical soul
We allow responsible consumers to donate at no cost.

Who do we help?

TrustMeUp gives visibility to Charities around the world, of all kinds and categories, promoting their causes.

What do we do

We merge the two souls of digital users: that of the donor and that of the consumer. With the same budget they will not have to choose between "doing good" or "satisfying a need" but thanks to our Donate-Receive-Shop and Donate by Shopping models, they will always be able to donate at no cost.



In June 2014, our CEO Angelo Fasola, for over 35 years engaged in the social sector and with managerial experience in Italian and international companies for over 25 years, after following, at the Palazzo Montecitorio, the intervention on the Blockchain Protocol by Prof. Ferdinando Ametrano - University of Milan Bicocca, realized that this technology has the enormous power to renew all the major sectors: industrial, public, administrative, financial and fundraising.

Together with his partner Carlo Carmine, Chairman of TrustMeUp, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, awarded twice in the USA for the results obtained by applying the new paradigms of digital marketing and lead generation processes to his business, as well as a founder of the first legal company, during in-flight Miami-Milan, they discussed their knowledge on blockchain as well as on the experience already acquired in terms of supporters trust, and thus gave life to the idea of ​​an international ecosystem in which charities all over the world meet donors and supporters, to share goals and projects to be carried out together.



We help people improve the lives of others through the work of the TrustMeUp team under the guidance of the Board of Directors, the Founder-Chairman Carlo Carmine, the Founder-CEO Angelo Fasola, the CIO Luca Salvadori, the TrustMeUp Ireland Director Giovanni Perilli, and the Sole Director TrustMeUp Italia Roberto Stagno.

We believe that the community is as important as the work environment, skills, and abilities of individual collaborators. For this reason, the company is committed to guaranteeing a workplace and working conditions that are among the most innovative and in line with the highest corporate welfare standards.

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